Is Corona affecting your health?
Online classes, no physical contact, social distance, very few sports, and no social gatherings. We understand times migth be challenging for you. Perhaps you find this is affecting your health. Weightgain, lower energy levels, inactiveness, feeling depressed.

Get some help!
In some cases it might be a good idea to get some help from our dietician Patrick Hilverts. Patrick can:
• help and support you with your eating habits
• advice you on nutrition
• help you to improve your health
• help you to prevent more serious health problems
• coach you and keep you on the right, positive track!

Dietician's expertise (a.o.)

• weight loss
• Low energy levels
• colon problems
• allergies / food intolerances
• malnutrition
• eating disorders
• pregnancy nutrition

Covered by your insurance
Dietician consults are covered by your insurance. You will not be charged!

What does a dietician's consult look like?
• Patrick will first do an intake consult of approximately 45-60 minutes. He will ask a lot of questions about your problems and goals, and take your measurements.
• Together you will talk about your current eating habits and possible solutions. Your own eating culture, questions and motivation are a crucial part of the process. The goal is to improve by taking small steps that suit your lifestyle. That way, long-term succes is more achievable.
• Patrick will send you home with written advice and most likely with an appointment for one or more follow-up consults (15 to 20 minutes). Achieving your goals with a dietitian will help you to succeed in them.

Don't wait!
Good eating habits will give you more energy, better health and a positive attitude. Eventually it might thus help you to succesfully complete your studies. Don't wait until more serious problems occur. Prevention is always a better option. Good eating habits, and a good health are a valuable lifetime asset.

Good to know
• Patrick is available in our office but can do consults online of by phone if this suits you more
• Patrick is also a qualified Sports Dietician

How to contact?
• Please phone our general number 085 750 0050 to plan a consult right away with Patrick
• Or send an email to
• Or email Patrick directly

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