Did you spent long hours at home in front of your laptop with neck or back pain? Or did you just start training again and already have an injury?
Let our physiotherapist have look at it for free!

You can contact our physiotherapist for:
- manual therapy for neck/shoulder or back complaints. This also includes getting (tension)headaches or a numb or tingling into your arms and legs
- sportsphysiotherapy, especially focussed at strength training and running
- dry needling
- and tailor-made training programs

No costs!
Advice from our physiotherapist is fully reimbursed from the general practice. No own costs!

What can you expect?
First of all, an intake to have a better understanding of your complaint, after which we set up a treatment plan together. The treatment plan will always consist of therapy given by the therapist in combination with getting exercises. You will receive the exercises from us through email and be able to look at them again by videos on our YouTube channel. So easy!

Don't wait too long and schedule an appointment with us! Call the GP’s office (030-7601301) for an appointment or make your own appointment on our website.

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